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iPad Nanny

I’d like to rewrite the ad cited for this product.

“If you insert and lock your iPad® into the mirror’s case, the visual display provides another way to stimulate and engage baby while protecting your device from baby’s sticky fingers and preventing unintentional navigating to other apps.”

“Are you looking for a great way to avoid interacting with baby, but you’re also concerned about the health of your iPad? Try Apptivity. Rhymes nicely with captivity! Our patented restraint system system ensures that your infant or toddler cannot get away from its enforced human-free interactive screen time. Do you want your baby to be at a disadvantage against the baby cyborgs of tomorrow? Of course not. Studies have shown that more screen time from the moment of birth increases the attachment and love infants feel toward the newest Apple products. Make YOUR baby a part of your home’s Apple ecosystem, and see baby excel into adolescence while others fade into obsolescence.

Apptivity–cheaper than a nanny. And more trustworthy, too!”

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