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Jeff grew up in Montana and fled to California to do something less manly than cattle, mining, or meth. After eight years of boring himself with banking and writing about himself in the third person (which he was told “is not a professional way to email”), he decided to abruptly finish this sentence.

Now he’s a stand-up comic and producer based out of New York City. He co-produces one of the top independent comedy shows in Manhattan, Late Night Romp, with Teresa Sheffield. He’s the co-founder of an alternative comedy venue called Brickspot Comedy, a sexy “comedy speakeasy,” that he runs in conjunction with VSPOT Organic and Brickspot’s co-founder, Tristan Smith.

He’s also the creator and co-host of the popular “Let’s Talk About Sets!” podcast. It’s a punchy podcast on the “science” and craft of stand-up comedy by comics who love it, which he playfully and nerdily co-hosts with comedian and lovable dufus, Harrison Tweed. The pod is flooded with fan mail from around the world, and a publisher has approached Jeff about turning it into a book. The show gets thousands of monthly downloads, consistently rave reviews (see Facebook and iTunes), and the show has even been added to a university curriculum!

Jeff is also the creator and co-producer of the always-packed monthly comedy dinner show “Special Tonight” with Sadiq Samani, which returns in the fall of 2019.

All of Jeff’s productions feature the top comics in New York whose credits include Comedy Central, HBO, Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent, Netflix, Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon, Conan, etc.

Jeff has written and acted for “Clip Show”, a monthly sketch comedy show in residence at The People’s Improv Theater in Manhattan. His sketches have been featured on Funny Or Die, New York Sketch Fest, and Montreal Sketch fest.

Jeff focuses his darkly smart, high-energy comedy around science, history, technology, sexuality, culture, and his alternative lifestyle. He likes big ideas, weird thoughts, and silly voices. He’s studied comedy writing, stand-up, and improv at the NYC Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Magnet Theater, Bay Area Theater Sports, and the San Francisco Comedy College.

And, closing in the first person, I really love filling people with joy, laughter, and cum.

(that last sentence probably would have been better if I’d pulled out early)

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